General Corporate Practice

The business fields of our clients include nearly all types of business, including manufacturing, construction, foods, chemicals, trading, wholesaling, resale, airlines, transportation and railroads, broadcasting, newspapers, mass media, domestic and international banking, finance, insurance, securities and health care. Our assistance to these companies includes drafting various contracts, reviewing and interpreting contracts, and providing advice for their daily business. Our advice also includes matters relating to required annual meetings, corporate governance and compliance matters and amendments to various company rules in light of the new Corporate Law. We believe our services cover all matters necessary for clients to do business. We have established good relationships with outside specialists, such as trademark attorneys, registration attorneys, and visa specialists, so that we will be able to render the necessary services for our clients.


Our litigation practice includes the following types of claims:

  1. Collection of receivables
  2. Real estate eviction
  3. Libel
  4. Trademark infringement
  5. Copyright infringement
  6. Traffic accidents
  7. Shareholder’s claims
  8. Medical malpractice

International Business

We represent various foreign companies doing business in Japan as well as Japanese companies doing business abroad. Our legal services relate to license agreements, joint venture agreements, distribution agreements, and various types of service agreements. We assist clients starting business in Japan by helping to establish their subsidiaries or branch offices. We have also assisted clients who established their Japanese operations by purchasing the stock or assets of existing companies. In the field of international investment, we handle the issuance of foreign bonds by Japanese companies, structured finance, maritime finance, and investments by foreign funds in Japanese assets, including Japanese real estate. Our expertise also covers loans made by Japanese financial institutions to foreign companies and loans made by foreign financial institutions to Japanese companies. In the real estate business field, we have considerable and lengthy experience with real estate securitization and real estate purchases both within and outside of Japan, as well as construction projects outside Japan.

Business Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy

Within the field of business rehabilitation and bankruptcy, we have expertise in the following areas:
Minji-Saisei (civil rehabilitation): We have experience in representing Minji-Saisei applicants. We also have lengthy experience in serving as administrators appointed by the courts.
Company Reorganization: We have acted as temporary administrators as well as permanent administrators.
Bankruptcy: We have represented applicants in filing bankruptcy applications. We also have experience as administrators appointed by the courts.
Special Liquidation: We have comprehensive experience in filing applications as well as in serving as special liquidators.
We have also acted as special advisors in reorganization matters pursuant to the “Private Reorganization Guidelines” established in 2001.
Our experience in these areas involve various types of businesses, such as hotels, supermarkets, general contractors, real estate developers, golf courses, publishing companies, manufacturing companies, communication companies, etc. We can also act on behalf of creditors in such cases.
Our experience in the field of business rehabilitation has enabled us to also gain experience in the fields of mergers and acquisitions.

Private Finance Initiatives and Project Finance

We have acted as advisors to both governments and private companies in connection with various private finance initiative projects including the construction of a fire department building in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture; the construction of school buildings in Yachiyo-shi, Chiba Prefecture; and the construction, operation and maintenance of senior citizens’ residential facilities in Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture.

Information Technology and Electronic Commerce

We represent clients in the fields of electronic commerce, Internet businesses and communication technology. Through our representation, we have acquired considerable knowledge of new technologies and innovative business models adopted by these industries.
We also have comprehensive knowledge of traditional intellectual property matters, such as patent law, copyright law and trademark law.

Employment Matters

We advise clients on employment matters, including termination of employment and the preparation of employment contracts and rules of employment. We have lengthy experience in representing a major temporary worker agency in Japan and accordingly we are knowledgeable on the Temporary Worker Dispatch Law.

Intellectual Property

With the growing interest and recent increasing significance of intellectual property rights, there is a demand for flexible and broad advice that will meet the clients’ needs regarding such rights.
For many years, we have engaged in various legal fields relating to copyrights (including computer software), trademark rights, patents, and other intellectual property rights. Moreover, having invited an attorney specializing in intellectual property rights and establishing an affiliated patent practice in 2008, our caseload for intellectual property matters has increased dramatically and we have established an excellent reputation as a law firm with advanced expertise in the handling of intellectual property rights both domestically and internationally.
Intellectual property law is closely related to the economic activities of corporations, and is one of the most international legal practices. We provide a wide range of high-quality legal services regarding intellectual property rights based on our knowledge of domestic and international corporate law acquired through our extensive experience, as well as taking advantage of our relationship with patent law offices inside and outside of Japan.

Other Matters

We also represent individual clients in connection with inheritance matters, tort cases (including traffic accidents claims), and criminal cases.